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Punjabi Kadhai is a Concept restaurant which celebrates the Rich Flavours of Punjab with authenticity & simplicity. A place where food is passion. We don't cook food but we engineer it to elate & tingle your taste buds.

Its not the range of dishes that we offer makes us special on the contrary it's the original hand picked spices and aroma of Punjab in them makes each & every recipe of Punjabi Kadhai finger licking and tongue tingling.

The land of Lassi (Buttermilk), Paranthas (Wheat Breads), Makhani Dal (Whole Black Lentil) , Butter Chicken …has food for all occasions that every Indian has tasted atleast once in their life. Punjabi Kadhai in Siliguri brings in the same liveliness in their ambience and food to keep up the spirits of Punjabi (North Indian) Cuisine.

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Sidhi Arcade, 2nd Mile
Sevoke Road, Siliguri
West Bengal, India

Phone : +91 353 254 5678
Email: info@punjabikadhai.in

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